A Day at the Faire - see who can have the most fun in this easy simulation of a day at the faire.

Pirate Waters - be the one who can sell the most goods in this tile laying game.

Joust! - unseat your rival and win this quick fire card game.

A Day at the Faire Board Game

This board game, for 2 to 5 players, is a MDRF Friends of Faire exclusive.
You and your friends are at the Harvest Festival in this quaint English villiage.
You only have one day at the faire, how much fun can you have before the Closing Cannon goes off?
Visit a Pub, catch a show, grab a bite to eat and even do some shopping.
The player that has collected the most fun tokens at the end of the day is the winner.

The Opening Cannon fires and the rennies are off...

Game Includes
4 piece full color Game Board
6 Pawns
1 Die
Bag of Fun Tokens
Stack of Cash
Pub, Stage, Vendor, Food, Game & Utility Cards

A Day at the Faire - $40 - Out of Stock

Pirate Waters Game

This tile laying game, for 2 to 4 players, is a MDRF Friends of Faire exclusive. With full color wood pieces and full size cards, it is a great addition to any pirate's game collection.

Challenge your fellow Pirate Captains to take over the Carribean. Explore the world and discover Native Tribes and Treasure Troves. Battle other Pirates and Raid Villages. Don't forget whoever gets the Plunder, gets the gold!

Game Includes
60 full color wood tiles
4 Wood Pawns
8 Wood Barrels
10 Wood Attack/Defend Dice
40 Wood Gold Tokens
4 Damage Dice
Captian, Attack & Plunder Cards

Pirate Waters - $40 - Out of Stock

Joust! Card Game

This card game, for 2 players, is a MDRF Friends of Faire exclusive.

This quickfire card game has players jousting for honor. After gearing up players take passes to score hits and knockdowns as the simultaneously flip cards. Only one can win and with the Final Pass the jouster with the highest score wins!!!

With 6 different jousters to choose from, who will your favorite knight be? Each player needs his own Joust! deck, The Tournament Pack comes with all 6 Joust! decks included, as well as 3 playmats.

Each Joust! deck contains 24 cards.
Decks are available in Red, Orange, Purple, Blue and Green.
The Gray Joust! Deck is only available in the Tournament Pack.

Tournament Pack - $40 - Direct Buy
Joust! Deck Blue - $7.50 - Direct Buy
Joust! Deck Purple - $7.50 - Direct Buy
Joust! Deck Orange - $7.50 - Direct Buy
Joust! Deck Green - $7.50 - Direct Buy
Joust! Deck Red - $7.50 - Direct Buy